When my third grade teacher read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to our class and heartlessly stopped after chapter three (right after Edmund meets the shutterstock_147729935White Witch!),
the return to reality was so disorienting, I almost fell out of my chair. I’d like nothing more than to make you fall out of your chairI write Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction with:

  • Adventures that stoke readers’ belief in their own bravery.
  • Challenges that nourish the sense of possibility.
  • Friendships that inspire hope, tears, smiles and the occasional gnashing of teeth.
  • Humor, because who doesn’t need a laugh?

I live in Connecticut, where I love the scenery whenever it isn’t buried under piles of snow. My husband and two girls keep me laughing and scratching my head, sometimes simultaneously, and my two golden retrievers view any time I spend not petting them as evidence of a cold, cold heart.

My day jobs have ranged from nurse’s aid in a retirement home to business writer to workshop leader to (for one unusual day) modeler of wigs. Yes, really.



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